To us, there is no such thing as a problem horse, only horses that have been taught bad habits by humans. One of our main goals is to teach you to prevent dangerous situations before they arise. If your horse is hard to catch without the use of food or treats, or if you must leave your halter on while horse is out to pasture because you can’t catch it otherwise, we see this as a human leadership error and not a horse problem. If the horse is cribbing, nipping, kicking, balking, bucking, rearing, striking, turning heels to you in a stall or just plain pushy, these are issues that need to be dealt with immediately for human and horse safety. Always remember, there is a solution to every problem.

In most cases, horses acquire bad habits from human leadership inconsistencies. Think about this…..A horse knows all gaits naturally at the time of birth. It is when the rider gets on and starts giving mixed signals that the horse does not perform properly. Horses move one another within the herd with body language to establish leadership, pecking order and discipline. When we learn how horses communicate with each other, we can then be partners and leaders for our horses. We teach the rider how to establish leadership and become the alpha.

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