The big questions you need to know before choosing an international horse transportation company.

Horse transportation is the process by which you can transport your horse from one place to another. The service providers provide their service almost everywhere in the earth, and they generally offer three types of services- air, sea and road services. International horse transportation has become very popular lately and why would not it be? There are a lot of benefits of horses, and the want of horses is increasing in the whole world from visiting places on the back of the horses to using the horse for agricultural purposes, especially in the developing world. In many more industrialised countries, horse are used are especially prized if they are winning racehorses.

There are lots of company who are involved in the carriage of horses and for this reason, you need to be extra careful while choosing the company because some of them will end up charging you a ton and will not even give the service. HSI offers International horse transport by air and they have build a true reputation for excellence doing this. There are some queries which you should do before appointing someone, or else you will not just be at a loss but at the same time, your horse will also get sick.


  1. The first thing you should know is about the stalls of the transport. We are all aware that horses come in various shape, size and height and so if the stalls of the transport your transporter will be using do not come with adjustable stalls it will be very difficult for your horses to travel.
  2. The next thing is to know about the suspension of air. If your horse is traveling by bus or lorry, it is vital to know whether your horse will get the advantage of the suspension of air.
  3. Another important thing is the padded partition. It is as important as the adjustable stalls of the transport. Well though having padded partition differs from the lorry of a company from another but it will surely make the journey of your horses more comfortable.
  4. Make queries about the cleanliness as well as the first aid system provided by the transport. Regardless of which carrier you use or whether it is by air, road or sea you should always examine the vehicle by yourself because only you will know what would be best for your horses. If the carriage system is not clean enough then your horse may fall sick, or it may even die. Again, with hygiene another important thing is the first aid system. It is necessary because anything can happen anytime. If your horse faces any health issues throughout the journey then there must be someone to handle this and here comes the need of having a first aid kit.
  5. The next thing is a fire extinguisher. It is not required for the horse but there should always a fire extinguisher near the hand because accidents do not come forecasting and if you want to make sure your horses are safe and sound then ask your carrier about it, if they say no, say no to their service.

These are the top queries that you should be making before choosing an international horse transporter.

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